From the very young age of 12, Semina, started creating her own clothes and jewellery, pumping inspiration from the fashion magazines of those days.After finishing her Business degree in Thessaloniki, she moved to Stockholm and graduated from Stockholm’s Tillskärarakademin , where she completed her fashion studies. In the past years, Semina has worked as a pattern maker & fashion designer in different companies in both Stockholm and Thessaloniki.At the age of 29, she decided to start her own business, with the vision to transform her knowledge, creativity and inspiration, into unique feminine pieces for women to always feel confident and beautiful in. 

Semina’s inspiration derives from feelings, places, moments, and people and that’s the reason why the origin of the collection has roots deep in her heart.Every garment is handmade in Greece while the patterns and the different prints are made by her personally.The elegant shapes, the relaxed lines and the eye flirting designs will catch peoples’ attention and will reveal your personal sex appeal, beauty and power.The uniqueness of the designs can be understood when knowing that every design is limited edition and not many copies of it will ever exist in the world.

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